How to prepare for your professional finance exam?

Many candidates for professional exams find themselves between a rock and a hot place because though they want to learn all by going through detailed study material but they always start late and cannot spare enough time to get mastery of the subject.

It is not that candidates do not want to read the official curriculum. It is that life happens and one task after another, one event after another keeps delaying the start of the study for the exam.

Even after the candidate starts studying, he or she finds maintaining regular study hours very difficult. This results in piling up of missed deadlines as per study plan, if there is one.

What is the solution to this dilemma? Studying of abridged guides and notes can be one solution. Though it is not panacea as study guides always miss out on some of important topics that turn up in the exam.

Candidates may be able to get the best deal by combining third party prep products with the official curriculum. This has worked for many candidates in the past.