Homeschooling Curriculum

Why would any parent want to home school kids?

There can be many reasons including but not limited to:

  1. Lack of School in the area. Though unlikely, but there can be situation where parents are forced to go for homeschooling because of absence of any facility. There is very important detailed article at Erudition Pro on homeschooling.
  2. Low quality of education in public school. Some parents find public schools curriculum not up to their expectations.
  3. Mismatch between religious believes of the family and the curriculum in the public school.
  4. Highly educated parents may feel that they can do a better job in educating their kids compared to the teachers in public school.
  5. Kids with special needs may not be able to learn in a public school classroom environment.
  6. Really brilliant kids may want to skip few years of school education and go for the university early.

Whatever the reason, once family decides to not send kids to a public school, next question arises about practical consideration of homeschooling.

Parents should be aware of state regulations and should consider any future change in plans.